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Nights and days pass in Gotham. Each area is distinct and posing its own reality…coffee shop, pizza parlor, and dry cleaners…all the same but different…in that they create many different realities. This blog is my reality.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Bye NYC!

May 18, 2009

New York,

It is not easy to scribe you this letter, then again, saying good-bye has never been easy for me. I sit here in my Fifth Floor walk-up listening to John Coltrane’s famous song, In A Sentimental Mood. How appropriate…because when I’m in need of a New York moment I throw this song on. When Coltrane plays I’m quickly transported to your bustling streets, my quiet morning runs in central park, and to my rooftop overlooking Harlem. So as of today, New York, this is our song. Honestly, how can we not have a song after a 15 year relationship? Wink!

New York, saying good-bye after 15 years makes me rather pensive. You have taught me so much about life, the world, the arts, friendship, and me. Everyday you presented me with something new: a life lesson, a new restaurant, a new friend, an old lost friend, and of course a party for good measure. Yes, New York, you were everything they said you were in the brochures and more. I drank the New York City cool-aid and loved the flavor so much that I kept drinking it year after year.

People have tried to capture you in poems, books, and movies. But between you and me, New York, they never do you justice. The beat of the express train as it races downtown at high speeds to the hustle and bustle of Lower-Manhattan is something you can only understand and enjoy by riding a packed train during rush hour. The games one plays while on that train to pass the time are fun too! I like to play the game, What Stop? A simple game where you pick what stop you think a person is going to get off at. The Suit, he’s going to Wall St. The young 23 year old recent graduate who dresses in the latest fashions in Vogue, she’s going to 42nd Street, The Conde Nast Building.

Yet, New York, as great and fantastic as you have been the New York City experience couldn’t have been possible without my crew. And although this is a good-bye letter to you, New York, I feel I have to give them some shout outs!

Anita (Cucks),
You have been my best friend during this incredible run. To be honest, I never really had a best friend until you came into my life and I thank you for that experience. I lack the proper writing skills and vernacular to express my deepest love and appreciation for your friendship. In the end, what I can say is you have been my rock, my shoulder to lean on, and the one person who has always believed in me. Thank you, Cucks.

Rey (Mush),
Hey, Compadre. If there is someone who embraces the greatness that is New York City it is you. I remember the night we sat on the roof of the library and you pointed to the New York skyline and said, “This is why I came to Columbia…the world is here, Joaquin.” Church!!! You have been a true friend, a roommate, an ear when I’ve needed to vent, a fellow Cowboys fan, a boxing junkie like me, and of course a great person to grab “One Drink” with. Gracias por todo, Compa.

John (The General),
Juanito. Tell Sloan I said, what up? My crime partner in the city…I know you are an atheist and I respect that, bro. But I think my main man upstairs, JC, put you in my life for a reason. I can’t express to you how important your friendship has been to me all these years. You have a heart of gold and I’m always impressed how you are able to navigate between so many circles and to be loved by them all. If anyone ever asks you, Juanito, what is your best characteristic? Make sure to say this, “John Lee is a fiercely loyal friend.” Gracias por todo, General.

Danny (D)
Daniel, Un gran abrazo, Primo. To the man who has pushed me for years to get out of the city. I write to notify you, “I’m finally leaving.” You will of course respond with, “I need to see you on the plane first…send me a picture.” A photo will be sent. LOL! D, you have showed me that life can pass you by very fast and you have to love it everyday. “Sucking the marrow out of the bone of life one day at a time” best describes how you approach life. The last minute trips to Vegas, driving in vicious snowstorms to watch Mana and our famous Sunday margarita fiestas; you truly love life, Bro. I feel blessed to have learned this lesson from you and I’m putting that lesson into action now. Gracias.

Papa, Mami y Elena,
Being away from you three has not been easy. You are my blood and never does a day pass by that I don’t think of you three. And know that not a day passes that I don’t understand and fully appreciate all the sacrifices you three have made for me to be here. Gracias, Familia.

New York, some people have come with the idea that they will beat you, only to go back to their hometowns defeated and humbled. We have had our share of battles with one another along the way…I have won some and lost many. The battle scars inflicted on me by you I don’t see as scars of failure. On the contrary, I see them as scars of growth, resilience, and they’re scars which I needed to acquire in order to grow. It is on this little island that demons from my past have been killed and some have been born. New York, know I leave you fulfilled, happy, and in peace with no traces of bitterness.

In closing, these tears I shed are tears of extreme happiness and of extreme sadness mixed together. I’m not too proud to state; it hurts me deeply to be leaving you and I’m thankful you have let me call you home for so long. Also, know that your are the reason that this boy who arrived 15 years ago on a Tower Air Flight with 100.00 bucks in his pocket has grown into a man who leaves with a wealth of experience in life. Thank you, New York and I will always love you.

Con respecto,
Joaquin Manuel Ochoa

Post Script – I will be having a going away/birthday party this Friday if you want to stop buy and have a drink with me before my departure.

Loreley Bar
7 Rivington Street
9:00pm – till the lights come on.

The Crew

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Post

Sorry it has been so long since I have written here on my city blog.

There is so much to write about. My first of what I hope will be many trips over the next couple of years. I got to see my parent’s new home in Arizona, hang with friends in Vegas and hang with some other nice people on my trip West.

Here is where I tend to capture the trip with tons and tons of pictures. Although the medium has served me well and I’m sure that I will do as such in the past. I would much rather just say I had a great time on my trip.

In any case, I wanted to direct you to a new blog. I found out my childhood friend, Eva Falk has a blog. In any case, if you would be as so kind of head over there and check it out and say hello it would be greatly appreciated. So click HERE to visit Eva's blog.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I find myself at JFK airport at the new and improved JetBlue terminal. I have to say, I'm rather impressed and don't mind that JetBlue has raised their prices a bit. I find it odd that hotels would charge for internet service while JetBlue gives it for free.

In any case, so I'm starting my two month journey around the world. New York, Arizona, Vegas, Los Angeles, Philippines, Dubai and London. Should be a good ride and I hope to update my little space on the inter-dweeb world.

I'm currently playing low limit poker as I write this so it might take me some time to get this out to be honest. Yet, I have an hour before my plane boards so I hope to have it done and up before I board my plane. I'm somewhat fearful of flying so maybe this is my last testament that I'm actually going to take this trip. You know, just in case my plane doesn't make it. If that does happen know that this called life has been good to me. Holla!

Going on to other things. I wanted to post some pictures of times around the city...enjoy.


Me and Uncle Joe somewhere in NYC. We only went to like two bars so it had to be one of the two...haha! For those of you who know me...well I can't stay still for long so this is a bit of a lie.

Does anybody know who this guy is? I've seen him all over the place as of late. Does he make movies or something of the sorts?

François my buddy from France that came to the city and crashed at my pad a bit. Nice guy and we had a blast in the city.

Me before the summit. I had to shave in the end...couldn't take it anymore.

In closing, will upload pictures once I get to the desert. Thanks for joining.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Been A While

It has been a while since I've posted on this blog or any of my other blogs. But the time is now to post. I will be posting more often now and expect me to come out with more stories of nights on the town. I have always held those back for some reason but some of the stuff I see is amazing and one can't make up. Serious, I just sit there in amazement as the stuff transpires before my very eyes.

So keep an eye and out take note that I'm going to try and get some pictures with these stories. I always feel short changed when someone writes about someone totally drunk and such but doesn't have a picture to go with it.

In closing, keep your eyes open for the post should start coming soon enough.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ella de Otro Tiempo

Ella, la persona que ame, es de otro tiempo
Sus labios ya tienen otro dueño
Su corazón tan linda, encontró como amar otra vez
Y para amar otro

Y yo...pues yo aquí quebrado

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Picture of Jack, Danny, Me, and Uncle Joe. Sure there are four guys with their arms around one another, but this picture is NO HOMO. Also ladies, if you are in ever in Santa Cruz look up Danny and Jack...two good guys to have a beer with.

A rare photo of LOS GUYS.

A picture of my Dad (middle) with his Compadres: Tony Boy and Mario.

Me and Uncle Jerry. Uncle Jerry is one of the most interesting characters in my family, I think he forged my grandmother's signature so he could join the army at 15.

Stella, my sister, and Raquel.

Danny, Tony Boy and Me. Holla!

These are the pictures of the back of Tony Boys' home. If you look at the picture above you can see the other side where the pool is. My cousin Tony Boy just rolls like that.

Gina and Tony Boy. Two differnt generations of my cousins.

Picture of another generation of cousins. For all you ladies out there reading. Well if you need proof that the family genes are good just take a look at these cuties. So to answer your question, yes, we would have beautiful kids.

Me, Stella and Corky.

Me and Tony Boy.

My sister and her husband, Tim.

My cousin Steven's Band. I have to give them was hot that day and they played two long sets in the heat without complaining.

Pepe! What can I say about Pepe...I guess that he's our dog.

Picture of my Mom with her long time friend, Evelyn.

Ana and Mario who have been life long friends of my Mom and Dad.

I come from a musically inclinded family. This is my cousin Letty singing a little diddy of a song.

The above two pictures are of our party grounds. Yes, we set up tents and stage areas for performers. That is just how my family rolls. If you go over to my FOOD BLOG you can see some of the grilling that takes place. I love that big red tent for the people who can't drive and have to crash the night there.

The Horse Shoes. I'm a ringer, Baby!

This is a tribute to my cousin Rudy Dominguez who passed a few years ago. His brother-in-law Roy has been working on this for a few years and and it is a work in progress. This is Roy's childhood guitar and he and my cousin played together for many years and were more like brother's than in-laws.

A picture of my Dad, me, Uncle Danny and Little Danny.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Currently in NYC the Museum of Natural History is having an exhibition on horses. Yet, I've seen these horses all around the city, these just happen to be in front of the Natural Museum of History. Enjoy!